Your friendly local game store

The Dragons Hoard is a family owned and operated game store, “run by gamers-for gamers.”  We are proud to offer a quality venue for area residents to come spend some time with friends and family “getting their game on.”  Whether you prefer board games, RPGs, miniatures or CCGs, The Dragons Hoard has something to offer you.  Try out a new game from our extensive game library or play an old favorite. Our themed RPG room, “The Keep”, will transport you and your fellow adventurers to another place and time.

Are miniatures your passion?   Our communities are very active and meet a number of times each week.  Come see how strong the Force is with you on Monday nights as we play Star Wars X-Wing. Head through the breach for some Malifaux on Sunday afternoons.  Running a new event every month run by our local Malifaux  “Henchman.”  Both groups are welcoming and passionate, always willing to help any new players or demo for someone interested in learning.

Running multiple Magic:The Gathering events weekly to fuel your CCG needs. We Play the Modern format on Tuesday and Thursday nights and Standard for Friday Night Magic, with a booster draft added the last Friday of every month.


We are located on Main Street in Hackettstown, well within walking distance of various local restaurants. Feel free to bring food in with you while you game! There is a parking lot behind the building for customers to use, and there is one just down East Moore Street.