Private RP Room Rental


Are you and your friends, hard- core Role Players that live to explore dungeons and foreign lands? Have you ever wanted to start your next campaign in a real pub to get that immersive feel?

Fancy a pint, Sir Knight?

Fancy a pint, Sir Knight?

Well look no further! The Dragon’s Hoard has a private, Fantasy- themed Role Playing room that can hold even a large party of Orcs and trolls. Situated in a private, rear room of the store is a gateway to your next fantasy adventure. Bring your Fighters, Rogues, Clerics, swords, and arrows to enjoy a day or evening gaming in style.

...I have obtained a map of the catecombs.

…I have obtained a map of the catecombs.

We encourage reservations, but gladly take adventurers seeking shelter from the storm, at the last minute. You can stop in the store and reserve a couple hours for your motley band of adventurers, or call by phone. Bring you own meals and snacks, and we’ll provide the cold drinks at a nominal cost. (please, no outside beverages and absolutely no alcohol permitted, sorry).

Rental rates for the room are set at a fixed two- hour session for $10, per group. Each additional hour is $7.50 per group, after the initial two- hour rental. Longer session pricing is available upon request.

In addition to the room and beverages, the Dragon’s Hoard also offers the use of any of it’s available Role- playing books during you rental, to aid in your valiant quest or your secretive, Dungeon exploration.

So stop in and check out our themed Role- Playing room we have dubbed “The Keep.” You won’t be disappointed!