Curse of Strahd RP Wednesday Nights

Curse of Strahd, D & D 5th Edition

Starting June22nd, the Dragon’s Hoard will be hosting a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Campaign of the highly anticipated “Curse of Strahd” adventure. Ravenloft is back with a vengeance in this latest, highly- praised edition of the RP Godfather game of them all! The group will be meeting in our themed RP room, dubbed “The Keep,” or as it shall be temporarily dubbed on Wednesday nights for the coming months, “Barovia.”

Running this enthusiastic band of adventurers is Bruno Grigoletti, a Well- seasoned Dungeon Master with over 30 years of experience running campaigns in and around the D&D community. He is an accomplished and inspired storyteller/player, with countless campaigns in many different systems, under his belt. He has been featured at local game shops and conventions, including Morristown’s own Dexcon, running both tabletop and live events.  He is a Published Author, Seasoned RP’r, Voracious Board Gamer, Podcast Author, Father, and comic book enthusiast. It will be through his mind and direction that the group must cull the secrets of Count Strahd Von Zarovich and navigate Barovia.

This event is listed on our events calendar and runs weekly until the campaign is complete.

SOLD OUT EVENT!! – Unfortunately, there are no more open seats available for this event.

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