Monthly Archives: June 2016

Curse of Strahd RP Wednesday Nights

Curse of Strahd, D & D 5th Edition Starting June22nd, the Dragon's Hoard will be hosting a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Campaign of the highly anticipated "Curse of Strahd" adventure. Ravenloft is back with a vengeance in this latest, highly- praised edition of the RP Godfather game of them all! The group will be meeting in our themed RP room, dubbed "The Keep," or as it shall be temporarily dubbed on Wednesday nights for the coming months, "Barovia." Running this enthusiastic band of adventurers is Bruno Grigoletti, a Well- Read more [...]

What’s Hot, New & Up- and coming

Check out these hot, new, and up- and coming games to add to your gaming arsenal. they represent the pulse of what is burning off the shelves, what people are talking about, and what might just be the next avenue for the modern gamer. Descent: Journeys into the Dark " If you play Descent with people who want nothing more than to enjoy it? If the heroes do a little role-playing in their tactics, and if the Overlord knows when to go easy on the heroes so as not to ruin the evening? If you play Read more [...]

Get the Latest Magic: the Gathering Cards Today!

Shadows over Innistrad "This set may have more Constructed cards in it than any in recent memory, at the very least in terms of total impact (if not also by number). There are relevant cards for multiple Eternal formats, as well as a bunch of huge game-breakers in Standard. I see every card on the list making its impact felt, and that’s far from typical when it comes to a new set."- Check out the full review of this great new set, here: Read more [...]

Grand Opening Celebration Saturday June 11th!

Stop on out at The Dragon’s Hoard. Surf the walls for the latest games, meet up with an old friend while finding that perfect new diversion, or stalk out a table to sit and play a game of Magic: the Gathering with your adversary. It’s Saturday, June 11th, and we’ll be featuring Give-a-ways, Prizes, and games for the whole family. So see what’s new in your backyard, right here on Main Street Hackettstown, NJ!

Open for Business!

We are proud to announce the opening of our new, 201 Main St. Hackettstown, NJ location! Stop down and check out the place. Play one of many tester games in our spacious gaming area. Browse through a wide assortment of the latest and greatest board, card, dice, and role playing games, as well as a host of accessories that are sure to meet your gamer needs. If you are a hard- core Role Player, we've got you covered with our very own themed Role playing room! There are games for all ages and type Read more [...]